What is Uffizi?


I’ve been posting about Uffizi for a while now and the time has come for me to really summarize what the game is about and what you will be doing as the Gonfaloniere of Florence.

As I’m a one-man-army and haven’t had nearly enough time to work on press packages and promotional materials on top of development, this is more of an Official UNOFFICIAL Announcement. I have a time I want and expect the game to be Alpha ready, but beyond that is undetermined so I won’t be starting my official marketing campaign today!

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What is Uffizi?

The year is 1434 and you have just been elected as the Gonfaloniere of Florence, the most prestigious post in the city’s administration.

It is the birth of the Renaissance and your job is to build Florence into the world’s greatest cultural and economic powerhouse by managing the creation of Great Works and the operation of Florentine Guilds. However as you achieve prowess and fame around the city, you also gain the attention of the Noble class… who have the power to take it all away if you neglect their needs.

Become the most magnificent ruler in Florentine history and cement your name in the annals of time!

New Game
You begin city life with an empty Uffizi and a single Noble. But it quickly fills with the hustle and bustle of business.


The Uffizi contains the 108 administrative offices of Florence*. These offices can be assigned to Guilds which pay Taxes and produce Resources used around the city. Taxes and Resources are used to build glorious works such as Michelangelo’s David, the Sistine Chapel and Florence Cathedral.

The 14 Guilds in Uffizi
The 14 Guilds in Uffizi


They are also used to complete Requests for the Nobili, powerful figures who live in the city and expect you to serve them as well as the general public. If you ignore one of the Nobili for long enough, they will become unhappy and may even revolt against you!

You try finding a live-action picture of Michelangelo...
You try finding a live-action picture of Michelangelo…

Starting your economy and pleasing your single Noble is the first step as Gonfaloniere. Filling offices with guilds is how you’ll start construction of your first Great Work; the Cristo Della Minerva.

Completing Great Works earns you Prowess, which is the score in the game. As you gain Prowess your title is upgraded and new Nobili begin to notice you. There are 20 Nobili in Uffizi and up to 5 per playthrough, so repeat games will play very differently based on the Nobili you receive.

Once you reach the title of “The Magnificent”, achieved upon completing all Great Works, then you have won the game.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for today, once I’ve playtested a bunch and got all the systems working 100% I’ll be ready to share some more.


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*Disclaimer: While Uffizi is based on history, it’s very loosely based! Don’t take anything as fact!

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