Bacon Game Jam #6 – Diary 1

Ow, my head. Getting punched is not great for productivity but here we go with Bacon Game Jam!

Rainbows is a weird theme, I started with brainstorming it…



Not exactly the broadest set of ideas but one caught my attention as realistic to build and fun.

Back when I was game developing as a hobby, I really wanted to make a Shoot ’em Up (shump). It was the second tutorial I did in GameMaker and it’s pretty easy to do, although I had some weird ideas for how the combat system would function and never really worked on it properly while I still had passion for the project.

But a shump would work great for a 48 hour GameJam as it’s easy to implement a very basic framework and then I can think about how to add something unique with the remaining time. More time spent designing, less time spend learning code. Which is the point of the jam for me!


York is a shump where you play King Richard of York. A mysterious and deadly foe is sending waves of colourful enemies at you as you ride down the rainbow trail towards the origin. With your trusty spear and shield, use the powers of the rainbow to attack and defend against this fabulous threat!

King Richard upon his trusty steed, with his rainbow powers behind him.
King Richard upon his trusty steed, with his rainbow powers behind him.

The exact specifics as to how colours will interact is the task after I’ve built some enemies and got the basic Shump system built. The idea is very heavily influenced by the classic Shump Ikaruga which used Black and White as polarizing colours that you switch between. York gives you two weapons (or a weapon and a shield) which you can select colours for independently. More colours, more options and more confusion… so I think I’m going to go with a slower pace than the insanity that is Ikaruga.

I mean, look at this…

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