Bacon Game Jam #6 – Diary 2

Quick update to end the day.

All the player functionality is now complete, so the only thing left is to add enemies and polish… not exactly a small task but today’s progress was great so I’m confident!


Here is the latest screenshot of the game.

  • I’ve got King Richard and his horse animated, as well as a scrolling background (need to add some more random debris elements as it’s a little boring now).
  • The colors on the bottom are selectable. Left-click selects the colour for your spear/lance, right-click sets the colour for your shield.
  • LeftShift shoots magical shit from your lance, the same colour as the selected one. When I add enemies, different colours will kill different enemies, the challenge of the game is to make sure you’re hitting the right enemies with the right colour.
  • SPACE creates a 3 second barrier in the colour of your choice. Enemy units and their projectiles will kill you if you make contact, unless you have a shield of the appropriate colour activated.


Tomorrow I need to add enemies.

I’ll probably use 2 or 3 sprites and multiply them by 7 to get all the enemies in the game. I want dual coloured enemies too, so I’ll add personal shields as well so that you have to hit targets with a combination of colours rather than just spamming the screen and killing everything. I also need to add sound and various menu polish… goals, scores, main menus… stuff like that.

Prepare for my voice acting!


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