Day 6 – Day in the life of a Hero

I think I’ve become allergic to blog posting as I’m still not in the mood to do a big introduction post to Eternal Struggle. Perhaps it’s because some major features are up in the air and suspect to change, but in all honesty I’m just so busy with making the game and doing my day job.

Yesterday I added probably the most important feature; the Action Outcomes system.

In Eternal Struggle, you are managing a team of 5 Hero characters. They each have a class, an equipment loadout, and attributes that determine how effective they will be when the time comes to fight The Dark Lord.

Your job is to manage their desires, relationships, and training regime to make sure they stand a fighting chance against the Dark Lord’s dungeon.


Gameplay Flow

  • Every day you choose a single action for each of your Heroes.
  • They travel to the location in town to perform that action
  • If they bump into each other, an event will occur based on their feelings towards one another (TBD)
  • Once they arrive at their destination, it will influence their power level, based on their action and their mood;
    • Training and Studying Actions will influence Attributes
    • Merrymaking Actions will influence Mood
    • Questing Actions will influence Relationships
    • Shopping Actions will influence Equipment
    • The Wizard’s Tower will provide valuable intelligence about the Dark Lord’s Dungeon.
  • The exact numbers of each of these Actions will depend on how the Hero feels, how strong they are already, and how close they are to other Heroes in the area… plus a healthy dose of RNG!


Eternal Struggle – Day 6


The Action Outcomes system (pic above) takes a player through this final point, telling them;

  • How each Hero feels
  • What they are about to do
  • What the outcome is
  • How the action effected their Mood

The above picture is ugly as hell (comparing this to The Yawhg feels like sacrilege), but it will eventually be much more entertaining.

At the end of each Action Outcome, the Hero’s stats are modified and the week begins anew!

The next day in Eternal Struggle will hopefully be figuring out what all this leads to… the Dark Lord’s Dungeon. Mainly design work, I’ll need to decide how to improve on the Outdoor formula to create a more easily decipherable challenge.

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