Mmm Nationalism – Days 7 & 8

The glory of nationalism gave me 2 nice productive days to work on Eternal Struggle as regular work was halted on a national level to celebrate Chairman Mao and everything red*

In the spirit of modern China, I spent both days working on Consumerism. The Shop feature is now in-game and working pretty well.

Eternal Struggle - Day 7
Eternal Struggle – Day 7


I’ve still to decide whether Eternal Struggle has a need for Gold. Perhaps each Hero has their own purse, perhaps the player has a global bank account.. or perhaps there’s a hybrid that works well. For now though, there is no Gold.

Players ‘pay’ for their shop items with time. You cannot just purchase items and equip them willy-nilly in Eternal Struggle. Heroes must buy them… and heroes must equip them. When you wish to get an Epic Sword for your warrior or a Dusty Tome for your priest, you must spend a hero’s turn on shopping (pictured above).


Eternal Struggle - Day 8
Eternal Struggle – Day 8


Relationships are one of the key features of Eternal Struggle, and I felt that heroes giving each other items creates a very strong link between friends and foes. In the picture above, you can see that Adam has purchased a Neutral Scepter for Charles. This is the basic functionality I built in the National Holiday.

In the future, relationships will matter. Sentimental Value will be attached to items that are gifted from one Hero to another. You will want to make sure your items are gifted in positive relationships. Fighting with an amulet gifted by your true love is going to increase your power in the Dark Lord’s Dungeon. Then again, if your worst enemy gives you a powerful sword… perhaps you believe it’s a fake or that vanquishing the Dark Lord with that guy’s sword leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

While these buffs/debuffs to items based on relationships may seem a little convoluted, they create some truly interesting gameplay potential. Relationships can be improved or degraded over time, and players will need to figure out how they think their Heroes will feel about each other after 30 days and when they should start equipping for battle.

Maybe you have two star-crossed lovers that are destined to hate each other’s guts because every time they go questing they start arguing. You’ll want to make sure to purchase items early on before the love is gone. On the other hand, there may be some rivalries that can be overcome with good planning. Legolas and Gimli in Lord of the Rings started with hatred for one another, but by the end of the story they’re brothers in arms. In this case, you’ll want to hold out until the last turn before Gimli gives Legolas a shiny new bow.



*On a related side note, one of the cool things about Eternal Struggle’s characters and their relationships is the World History generator. Each character will come from an area in the world and be of a particular race/species. Then the system will generate some history and politics to determine how they feel about one another when they arrive in your town on Day 1. Perhaps I’ll have a Chinese influenced region!

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