As I mentioned in my previous post, my first deadline for sharing Bard Life is today; March 19th. It’s obviously not ready yet, which was what I expected as I’d set a second deadline of March 29th just in case!

However it’s still not good that the game is un-finished (well, un-alpha’d) so I’ve started the GSD… the Get Shit Done list. This was a tried and true technique at EA Playfish created by my old producer (@MikePagano). Below is the list of Shit that I have to Get Done.




As you can see, it’s a large list. Not all of it actually needs to get done, and the ‘Dev Planning’ section is more of a desired feature list than a list of concrete obligations… but still, there it is. I’d like to get almost all of it done before the 29th and I will be posting my progress here as the days go by.

See you after the weekend, when I hope to have the big things here checked off!

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