GSD – Update 1

Good day!

A very productive weekend on Bard Life has resulted in some major Shit getting Done for the GSD.

GSD Update 1
GSD Update 1

Phwoar! Look at all that green!

This weekend I had my first experience with particle effects, which was a blast (literally and figuratively). It’s a lot of fun to create particle effects and they have such a massive impact on my game, which was distinctly static until that point. I’ve still got a long way until I reach Cube Clicker levels, but it’s definitely helped a lot… I can see why people like clicking a lot more now.

On top of that, I added the basics of the inventory system… so now every item you buy can be equipped for cosmetic customization. A small feature but I think players will love it.

Finally I fixed some bugs and a bunch of usability improvements were added. The map is now completely done from a functionality standpoint, so that’s a good milestone.

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