Candidate 1: Project BR

The Plan is underway and I’ve been working on my Candidate 1 prototype; which I’m calling Project BR.

Project BR is a top-down survival multiplayer deathmatch game. This project is inspired by DayZ, Hotline Miami, and various ‘Most Dangerous Game’ fiction like Battle Royale (where the BR comes from), Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and The Running Man.

Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale
Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale

You are one of 20-40 procedurally generated characters, from a procedurally generated group (each player is connected in some way), on a procedurally generated map. The exact theme; whether it be schoolkids, graduates, prisoners, office workers, or abducted human slaves (!), is to be confirmed.

You must take your character and try to become the last man/woman standing. The core focus of the game is exploration and combat, with the former providing you with items to power you up and targets to fight with for the latter. Supplementing these two tenets is streamlined crafting, a basic survival needs system, and various motivation changers that promote complex social interaction as opposed to ‘shoot on sight’.

I’m super excited about this project.

As with Bard Life, I’ve been using the GSD to track what I need to do and how much progress I’ve made;


Project BR's first GSD update
Project BR’s first GSD update


My goal is to spend another week on this prototype, building all basic core features, before sharing it with friends & family and moving on to Candidate 2. Based on the feedback I get and the development of Candidate 2, I’ll have a greenlight decision to confirm if Project BR has what it takes for The Game (the product of The Plan!), and whether I will give it another round of development or not.

Have a great weekend!

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