Project BR: Week 1 Update

Progress on Project BR has been flying so, without further ado, here’s the GSD;

GSD - April 6th
GSD – April 6th

I lost my development virginity on a ton of things;

  • Working Inventory and Gathering system
  • Totally hacky sound radius system
  • Controller Support
  • ‘Line of Sight’… I used a friend’s solution so I didn’t actually develop this! I do have to tweak it though, which I’m dreading.
  • Animations and integration

It was all a lot of fun to develop, and surprisingly easy. This seems to be my general thought with programming; it’s surprisingly easy. I’m sure when I start working on more nuanced and polished mechanics I’ll get to the hard stuff where I need things like… maths.

Line of Sight
Line of Sight

This post is actually delayed by a few days and I’ve done so much more since then. I’ll get that update in before the final 2-week mark ‘post-mortem’ where I’m supposed to stop working and show people what I’ve done.

One major concern I have is that it isn’t a game yet, and it won’t be one by Sunday. Evaluating how ‘fun’ it is will be very difficult at this point. Perhaps for this first playtest, I will just watch silently as people interact with the character and the area… taking notes on control schemes and various issues they have.

Another option is to create a quest for the players to achieve, which encourages them to interact with the area and perform many of the tasks that they would do in the ‘real game’. This is something The Stanley Parable did with its non-spoiler demo. The final option is to do the previous idea and also add in a little same-screen combat demo.

Plenty of food for thought! I’m very aware that ‘finding the fun’ too late has been my number one weakness, so I’m hoping to avoid that again.

Will have the Week 2 update for you next week

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