Project BR: Week 2 Update


Project BR has been developing nicely and as I come to the end of this phase of production, I’m very happy with what has been accomplished so far. Here’s the GSD;

GSD April 13th
GSD April 13th

A quick summary of what was done;

  • Tripping!
    Players can trip over if they’re running and hit an obstacle. For some reason I’ve got it set in my mind that this is the mechanic I need to get right. I want you to feel helpless and weak… tripping makes you feel that way (it takes control from you for a significant period of time) and adds a great mechanic for chases.
  • Attacking / Being Attacked
    This is also rather important in a game about a deathmatch! I’ve never dealt with hitboxes before, or decent collisions. This is in now, and it’s surprisingly not that buggy. I don’t know how good it feels, but it’s working in test conditions.
  • Placeholder UI
    There’s a UI now. It’s not very functional and many features aren’t supported in-game, but it was a good exercise to design it and figure out how players will interact with the game
  • Item Switching
    You can hold 2 items now, but must switch between them. Until this point, you had to open the inventory to select a new item.
  • Fog of War
    Important for exploration games, and I haven’t got it 100% right yet. I need to work out the kinks, but it basically works well for hiding/revealing structures and the ‘blueprint’ of the map.
  • Supporting more than one player object
    This is one thing that I had to do, which was extremely boring and tedious (and buggy) to implement. Until now, everything in the game was centred around a single player object. In the real game, this is also the case, but for the Demo I need local multiplayer fighting so it had to be built.

What’s next?

Well the plan was to be finished on Sunday (12th) and to move on to Candidate 2, my post-apocalyptic 4X prototype. However I’m not finished with Project BR‘s demo yet and Ludum Dare is this weekend, so I’d rather not start a new project with such a major distraction in the middle.

I’ll be spending the rest of my weekdays preparing the Project BR demo as much as I can, and there’s plenty to do on it!

After Ludum Dare, I will switch to Candidate 2.

My next post should be before the big weekend, see you then!

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