Project BR: Week 3 + Ludum Dare

This weekend was Ludum Dare and the theme was An Unconventional Weapon.

Despite having a groan-worthy theme, once again, I had an enjoyable weekend… but alas, I did not complete my game. Much like with the Global Game Jam, I spent way too long doing stuff I hadn’t done before (mainly side-on main character art and animation). I didn’t finish. It was sad.

I’m having a lot of serious issues with predicting and managing scope.

Speaking of which, Project BR is continuing for another weekday of mornings. No new features now, but I need to actually turn it into something playable at this point (whereas as the moment it’s a big collection of systems).

I really need to have it done and dusted by Friday, as Sunday is when Candidate 2 begins. I need to gamify Project BR as quickly as possible and get it out there in the hands of friends and family.

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