Redlight: Grid Optimizer

This is Post 4 discussing my project greenlight process. To add a little context, I’ve been working on locking down a perfect project for IGF 2016 submission. These posts will discuss a project and why I’ve red-lighted it. At the end, I’ll make a post about why I’ve greenlit Ventura.

Grid Optimizer

Up until now, most projects I’ve discussed on Redlight have been mainly stalled due to scope. Grid Optimizer is the complete opposite problem; it’s just not exciting to me. I’ve never really introduced the project on my blog, as it’s so simple that I felt it wouldn’t make for stimulating reading. But here’s a screenshot…

Grid Optimizer
Grid Optimizer

Suitably obscure!

In a nutshell, Grid Optimizer is a puzzle game about arranging Factories, Power, and Boosts in a way that maximise your output. Your pieces are randomized, creating endless content. In a way it is the perfect project for me. The scope is tiny, the coding is tiny, the design is easy. If I had to make a game in 6 months to put food on the table, it would be Grid Optimizer.

But I’m not doing that, I’m trying to work on a seductive and exciting passion project. Much like PA4X, I have only one redlight reason…

  • Redlight Reason #1: It’s not exciting enough
    There are a lot of mini-reasons inside this one but ultimately they all come from this. The game is casual, which means free-to-play, which means mobile. Mobile is not good for indie developers. Yes you can cite a Flappy Bird or 2048 (poor Threes), but those are product of their time and place. I don’t truly believe that you can craft a mobile success as an indie, you have to get extremely lucky whilst also hitting a perfect storm of great timing, apt sentiment in the market (i.e. Crossy Road), a solid USP, and THEN you want to make sure you get it perfect first time. Because if you don’t, you will get cloned. You’ll get cloned anyway, but if you did a perfect job first time then it’s harder for the Katchapps of the world to steal your shit.

This was the final day of Redlight, next I will be updating you all on why I picked Ventura as The Game… then explaining some exciting plans for the future.

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