Big things are in the works over here. Myself and Chris McMath (@chrismcmath), a colleague and friend, are starting up a new project called DevPact.

You are all well aware of my plan for IGF 2016 submission, but DevPact is a sort of cooperative, peer-pressured version of it. We’re hoping to update it together with information about our own separate projects (mine being Ventura), while creating some interesting experimental content, giving a closer look into the process of game development.

At this point, we’re not going to be promoting the site much. We need to iron out some creases and get it looking all purty. It’s not even got a URL yet! Early days.

As for this blog? I’ll still be posting here frequently. As of now, most posts on this blog will be replicated on DevPact. For the other ‘interesting content’ we have planned, I’m planning to keep it all on DevPact so Virtu Games is completely about the project and nothing else.

We’ve got lots to do but I wanted to share it with you all.

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